Antigonish Coach’s Message November 2015

Coach report November

Coach’s Report

November 2, 2015

Good evening,

Please find enclosed my November report for the parents and executive. The past month has been a busy month, but one entrenched in activity and engagement. To date the PHAST coaching staff has been instrumental in a full month of training as well as two camps.

We have begun to finalize our attendance records knowing that we are approaching the end of the first 5 week program. While not all parents or swimmers have confirmed their decision – we are hopeful and planning for a full team. On deck (our unofficial waiting list), there are 4 new inquiries that are awaiting notice on space and opportunity. One is a 6 month (short term) international student who would swim either with myself and or Neil’s squad), 2 other swimmers that can only swim on Monday and Friday practices due to space. There is a fourth parental contact, but I am awaiting their reply. With these details in mind, we are looking at a team in the high 50’s. More to follow.

Novice Shifts: to date, little interest in changing times on Tuesday from 5-6, to 6-7. I am thinking that we may need to sell this hour shift from an executive point of view (I have included a sing-up sheet [in the Word document Coach report November]). Parents that I spoke to did not seem interested in moving their dinner time at this point. Please consider the sheet provided to help reorganize the “who,” and “when.”

This month has witnessed two camps for swimmers: PEI, and our own Nova Tech camp. Both camps had over 25 athletes in attendance for a total of 50 athletes participating – very good numbers!
The camps, based on outgoing comments positively received and tremendous team events. The costs for each camp were shared with PH, making the impact less dramatic. I am considering running one more single-day camp with the N.T. level swimmers later this year (prior to a meet). More details will follow.

As I understand, PCM are back in the water and training once again (week two!). I have not received word as to when a Tri-County Meet would appear, but will communicate this date once it is set. As discussed last meeting, it will be in their pool hopefully before Christmas.

This coming Christmas, PHAST will once more indulge itself in our version of Christmas – Hell Week 2015. This is an opportunity for swimmers in the PHAST club to train in each other’s pool alongside each other. This year will see a repetition of morning camp swims running from December 19-January 3. Actual dates are not yet in place, but details will follow once we have confirmation on each facility’s own schedule.

Finally, on the horizon we are looking at two weekends: one for The Antigonish NT meet (November 8), and the DCSC Inv. (November 14-16). These are both important meets as: it is the first NT meet of the year and coaches will be conducting a freestyle stroke assessment. The DCSC meet is also important as this is the first multi-day meet of the year. It is the hope of the coaching staff to have “all hands on deck” for these events.

Yours in swimming,
Rob Allen

Nova Tech Camp 2015

Nova Tech Camp

Sign up below.

When: November 1st (one week before first meet)

Where: Antigonish, St. F. X. Pool

Cost: $5.00 (pizza, snacks and drinks)

Coaches will be on deck and supervising during lunch. Parents are encouraged to drop their children off and pick them up.

Start Time: 11:45 AM

Session 1: Starts and Turns, 12-1 PM – 3 lanes Lunch and Movie (cost $5.00 will cover lunch and drinks)
Session 2: IM (strategies and skills) – 6 lanes Pick up Time: 4:15 PM

April Message from Coach Rob

From:  Robert Allen

I would like to once more open my message by congratulating all swimmers, parent and coaching staff for their efforts in making this past March such a success. There was no doubt that the meets attended, as well as the March Break (T.W.I.T.S.) Camp made many lasting memories.

Now that we are past March, the Long Course season begins. While shorter in time, it is actually longer (LOL!). Long course for all Junior Provincial swimmers is swum in a 50 m pool. This is standard for all meets at this time. However, there are still a few that are short course (25m) i.e., Junior Provincials. Nova tech swimmers do not race in long course pools.

This year’s events have all been well attended with a number of new swimmers coming out for their first race. Often, the coaching staff will be asked, “When do I show up?” In all honesty, the best time to show is 15 minutes before the scheduled start of the warm ups. As a team, we will activate and have a general meeting to prepare the athletes for the session. If your child it too late, then they do not have the same preparation and readiness that the other members share.

Looking back at the past season to date, it has become clear that there have been some questions asked over the placement of swimmers in our team’s relays.  Ken has worked quite hard this year as team manager and the software we rely upon demands that names be added to the relay team roster so that it can be uploaded. When we are in competition, I always place members on a relay based on the race results, past performances and other factors. Please do not be insulted if your child is listed and then later taken off a team. The computer places them (and not out of spite). SNC rules allow for changes to a relay team up to 15 minutes prior to the actual event, so changes do happen! If you have any questions on this topic, please do not hesitate to ask.

Finally, the season is in the final phase and we are looking at some fast competitions in the near future. These meets include: Long Course development meets, Junior Provincials, Ken Dunn, East Coast as well as our Nova Tech meets and Nova Tech Explosion! In preparation for these events attendance and commitment will continue to guide our performances and be a necessity as we reach these last 3 months of training.

Kindest regards,

Rob Allen

SWIM -A-THON is ON!!!!

Saturday, February 21st PHAST Antigonish will be hosting our MAJOR FUNDRAISER SWIM-A-THON!



  • Info sessions on the observation deck, Monday & Thursday next week


  • Emails and facebook/website posts regarding this fundraiser



Officiating clinics January 17

Amazing Opportunity!

PHAST is hosting a session of Officiating clinics this Saturday, January 17, 11am-4pm at East Antigonish Education Centre/Academy.  This is a great chance to get further involved with the team and with competitive swimming. Viewing a meet from the deck rather than the tropical heat of the observation area is an added bonus ( and you don’t have to worry about losing your seat)!

This is a great chance to become certified for the first time or to increase your certification level.

Two SNS Officials will conduct clinics simultaneously in two rooms, each Official will put on 3 clinics, so you could attend up to 3 clinics that day. The schedule of clinics hasn’t been finalized, but clinics will include Time Keeper/Safety Marshall, Judge of Stroke/Inspector of Turn, Chief Timekeeper, Meet Manager, Starter.

I realize this is short notice – The Swim Nova Scotia Officials conducting this session of clinics for us are coming from as far as Yarmouth, and this is the best (only!) time for them to come.

I would ask that anyone interested please RSVP by Wednesday, January 14, and include which clinics you need/are interested in.


This event has been added to the PHAST calendar